Rent a scooter in Bucharest

Vespa – the fastest, useful and fun way for you to discover Bucharest. We offer a fleet of brand new scooter only good for rolling on Bucharest’s streets. Of course we will provide you all necessary equipment: helmet and GSP. And to make your trip more beautiful, we can propose predetermined paths, we can recommend restaurants and we can handle reservations related – for us is essential that you enjoy at maximum the Vesta Rent experience.

About Vespa

In 1946 it was created the first Vespa prototype. The model was called “Paperino” (the Italian name for Donald Duck) because of its strange shape. The Enrico Piaggio’s not the pleased about the prototype. The new shape with the middle narrowed made Enrico to state “It looks like a wasp.”  – and Vespa scooter was born.

About Bucharest

There is much to said about Bucharest. We can talked for hours. But it’s better for you to discover the beauty of this city. Discover the hidden and full of flavour places, spaces and people. Uncover its history. Uncover the new and the old. Feel the city!


You can pick one of our predefine tours, you can ask us a tailor made tour or you can just rent a Vespa and feel free to ride wherever you like on the streets of Bucharest.

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