All packages include:

  • RCA insurance
  • 2 Helmets
  • Map of Bucharest

*100 E pledge, paid back when scooters are retunerd

Pick up and drop-off will be free of charge directly from the client’s location.




1. Are there special riding conditions in Romania?

There are no special riding conditions for riding in Romania. All you need is a valid driving license. Also, please note that alcohol consumption is completely forbidden while riding.

2. Are there good riding conditions on the Romanian roads?

Of course! All the roads are in good and very good conditions

3. Is Internet available?

In most international rankings, Romania ranks among the countries with the best internet speed. So, yes, in Romania, Internet is available almost in all the hotels, parks and streets. You just have to have a device for it.

4. Do Romanians speak English?

Yes. In major cities, English is the second language. On regular basis, we speak Romanian mixed with English. If we were to talk in figures: almost 80% of the Romanians speak English.

5. Is the helmet necessary during riding?

As we have mentioned before – safety is our main priority. So, yes, in Romania it is necessary to wear a helmet during riding. We can provide you with one without any fee for the duration of the tour, if you do not have one.

6. Is a trip to Romania cheaper than to other European countries?

The prices for food and drinks are very cheap in Romania. Therefore, your wallet won’t suffer

7. How can I pay for my ride?

Once you confirm the booking, an amount will be charged online from your credit card, by using the online payment system offered by Mobilpay Romania. This amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation with less than 30 days before the tour/rental start.
Rental amount will be charged in cash or by credit card when you pick up the motorcycle. The deposit (cash or credit card) will be held and it is fully refundable upon the undamaged and on-time return of bike. Please note that we only accept Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard. Please verify with your bank before the arrival that your card is valid for payments in the European Union (Romania).