Old & New Bucharest

Every city has a mix contemporary and old style. In Bucharest you will find communist legacy, ancestor’s legacy and all of those combined with new age style.


Palace of Parliament

Unirii square 

Bucur Church

National Theatre

Victoria Palace  

Herastrau Park

Arcul de triumph

Calea Victoriei


The Royal Palace

Lipscani’s street

Manuc’s Inn's

Palace of Parliament – Also known as People House is Ceausescu’s biggest legacy. According to Guinness World Records Palace of Parliament is the world’s largest administrative building for civilian use as the surface, most expensive office building in the world and the heaviest building in the world.

Unirii square  - almost in the middle of Bucharest, Unirii square is one of the most Crowded places in Bucharest

The oldest religious settlement is Bucur Church (1416), located near Radu Voda Monastery.

The first theatre in Bucharest was inaugurated on December 21, 1852 - National Theatre. Novotel Bucharest hotel entrance is actually the façade of the former National Theatre who, during the Second World War, was destroyed by a Germans bomb.

Victoria Palace  - was built in 1937 and is the headquarters of the Romanian Government

Herastrau Park -  over 187 hectares around Herastrau lake, Herastrau Park is considered the jewels in Bucharest’s crown and is the preferred park of Bucharest people.

Arcul de triumph - Arc de Triomphe was built between 1921-1922 in memory of World War victories.

Calea Victoriei - was the first road in Bucharest. In the past, the street was paved with tree trunks and was named Wood


Athenaeum - is a symbol of Bucharest and the largest concert hall in Romania..

The Royal Palace - was the permanent residence of the royal family until 1947, the following year was transformed into a museum ..

Lipscani’s street name comes from the city of Leipzig. Lipscani Street was known as a trade area. Today, it is the pedestrian area of Old Town.

In 1808 Manuc’s Inn's was opened. In 1812 was signed here the Treaty of Bucharest, between Russia and Turkey. After 208 years the Inn is still opened for his guest and waits the with traditional Romanian food and atmosphere.


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